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Along with our highly skilled work force, we utilise the latest CNC machine tools and cutting edge technology to manufacture high precision components.

CNC Turning
  • 1x Star SR-32J sliding head
  • 1x Star SR-20J sliding head
  • 2x Mazak Quick Turn Smart 250M
  • 1x Doosan Puma 2600
  • 1x Doosan Puma 240MSB
  • 1x Doosan Lynx 220LM
  • 1x Hardinge Cobra 51
  • 1x Hardinge Conquest 42
  • 1x MHP MT35
  • 1x MHP MT65
  • 2x MHP MT50
  • 1x MHP 65 T.COM (Driven Tooling)
Conventional Turning
  • 1x Colchester 2000 Centre Lathe with D.R.O
  • 2x Hardinge Centre Lathe
  • 1x Jones and Shipman 1400 Surface Grinder
  • 1x Jones and Shipman 540 Surface Grinder
  • 1x Jones and Shipman 1314 Universal Grinder
CNC Milling
  • 3x Mazak VTC800/20 SR 5 Axis Machining Centre
  • 1x Mazak Variaxis i700 5 Axis Machining Centre (Twin Pallet)
  • 1x Mazak Variaxis i500 5 Axis Machining Centre (Twin Pallet)
  • 1x DMG Mori Seiki DMU 50 5 Axis Machining Centre
  • 1x Quaser MF400C 5 Axis Machining Centre
  • 1x Quaser VMC 154
  • 2x Mazak VCN 530C 4 axis
  • 1x Quaser VMC 184 with twin pallet
  • 1x Hardinge Bridgeport VMC760XR
  • 1x Hardinge Bridgeport VMC GX1000B
  • 2x Hardinge Bridgeport VMC GX600
  • 3x Hardinge Bridgeport VMC GX480
  • 2x Bridgeport VMC 500 machining centre
  • 1x Bridgeport 412 machining centre
  • 2x Bridgeport Interact 4 series 11
  • 2x Bridgeport Interact 1 Mk 2
Conventional Milling
  • 1x Thiel Universal Milling Machine with D.R.O
  • 1x Ajax Universal Milling Machine with D.R.O
  • 1x XYZ Vertical Milling Machine with D.R.O
Other Facilities
  • 1x Archdale Radial Arm Drilling Machine
  • 4x Bench Drilling Machine
  • 2x Pollard Multi Spindle Drilling Machine
  • 2x Hagen and Global Tapping Machines
  • 1x M.C.R Turbo Bead Blasting machine
  • 1x Vixen Wet-blasting machine
  • 1x Automatic Cut off Saw
  • 1x Circular Saw
  • 1x Bandsaw
  • 2x Ultrasonic cleaning tank
  • 1x Vixen Jetwash parts washer
  • 1x 180 Litre capacity fan assisted curing Oven
  • 1x Leybold Helium Leak Detector

3 stage Layton Technologies Aqueous Cleaning System with De-ionised water rinse.


Temperature controlled Inspection office equipped with measuring equipment
Calibrated to British Standards requirements.

  • 1 Wenzel XO55 CNC CMM (Renishaw PH20 probe)
  • 1 Mitutoyo Crysta 544 CNC CMM (Renishaw PH10 probe)
  • 1 Mitutoyo QM333 Co-ordinate Measuring
Eclipse AM (Additive Manufacturing)

2 x Renishaw AM250

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