Setting the pace… AS9100 Rev C

Continuing to demonstrate an unrivaled commitment to quality, SPE Ltd is proud to boast the achievement of achieving registration to AS9100 Rev C.

The company gained initial registration to the aerospace quality standard AS9100 in 2009 to support the aerospace and defence work the company supplies. This made SPE the first subcontract precision engineering company in the area to achieve this latest standard!

Seen as both a commitment to aerospace customers and their supply chains, together with a clear demonstration of SPE’s quality of supply, the initial registration moved the company’s quality bragging rights to a new level.

As the demands of the aerospace industry increase, so do the stipulations of the quality standard all companies are governed by. This has meant the introduction of the latest revision of AS9100 being released – Revision C (or Rev C as it is more commonly referred to). The changes to the standard have been considerable meaning all companies with the previous Revision B registration having quite a testing time ensuring compliance to Rev C, especially as the deadline is July 2012. The adoption of PEARS (Process Effectiveness Assessment Reports) and a focus on Risk Management being the main areas of change.

The adoption of the AS9100 principles form a major part of the overall manufacturing strategy SPE Ltd has adopted to continually move forward and improve the quality of supply. This also includes undertaking an SC21 (supply for the 21st Century) project which commences in May 2012.

As an established SME performing incredibly well, SPE Ltd continues to punch above it’s weight leaving the competition behind.