Vac-welded Assemblies – It’s all in the Science!

Staffs Precision Ltd is an established supplier of machined parts into scientific instrumentation applications. The company has over 20 years experience in supplying parts for mass spectrometry applications as well as other analysis equipment.

Our years of experience mean that we are already geared up to achieve the tight tolerances on flatness, the finishes required on seal faces, the consideration of parts in vacuum and trapped volumes and the level of cleanliness you require on finished parts. (Not to mention ferrite levels, magnetism and a whole host of other issues).

To compliment our capability in this important industry sector we can also offer vac-welded assemblies. These are high precision TIG welded assemblies which are vac tested with a helium leak checker. So, not only can we provide the high end parts made with the latest CNC machining centres, but we can also assemble them with the confidence that they will perform under vacuum.